A turnkey system for a circular future


We seek and produce sustainable solutions through a science and
tech-led approach that revolutionises the remediation process of
contaminated earth.

We are simplifying science to enable a new industry of environmental remediation. Through our platform, we connect landowners, engineers, scientists and service providers with the high-resolution data to make informed decisions on land use.

Our platform enables effective and consistently decision-making & insights through data that collection and processing.  Our team of experts is right at your fingertips to help you whenever needed.

Tailored solutions

We understand that each problem is unique – and so is
the solution.
Tailored action plans are developed that enable our
clients to best achieve their objectives. Continuous
monitoring & data collection allows for ongoing
optimisation of your solution plan during the project and
progression updates.

What our platform will give you:

plant selection phytrac queenstown new zealand
Plant selection

Your tailored action plan will detail exactly how to manage your system from start to finish. Based on the site location and contaminants present, we select the plant species which are most suitable for your local ecosystem and its future purpose.

IoT integrated monitoring and control

Our real time data insights will help you get the most out of your investment and optimise restoration. Irrigation needs can be automated, and you’ll receive detailed performance reports to keep you up to date on system operations.

benefits of phytotechnology phytrac queenstown new zealand
green field and river in queenstown new zealand

Hands-off installation and maintenance

We provide a network of accredited and trained professionals to install and maintain your system throughout its lifecycle.

High-resolution contaminant mapping

We provide high-resolution contaminant mapping surveys and periodical testing, so you have the greatest insight into your project as it progresses

contaminant mapping phytrac queenstown new zealand
field in queenstown new zealand
Site investigations

Maintaining quality is essential to us, our network of professionals can provide preliminary and detailed site investigations to make sure your site adheres to environmental compliance standards.

A personalised dashboard

Whether you are a landowner monitoring progress, a service provider conducting maintenance or a professional making an assessment, we tailor the insights for your role to streamline process and visualise performance indicators.

personalised dashboard phytrac services queenstown new zealand
phytrac big data
Powerful efficiency

Our algorithms continue to check and assess system performance throughout your project with assistance from remote sensing & IoT.


Continuous monitoring generates insights into your system is keeping an eye on critical parameters to enable the highest possible performance.

phytrac big data

Get started with this simple five step process

1. Sign up and fill in the form to request a site assessment.

2. Once suitability is confirmed, we’ll detail the requirements for your site.

3. We conduct all necessary site investigations.

4. We will provide you with an actionable report detailing the site restoration process, whilst informing you about alternative available options.

5. The plan is put to action through our network of accredited service providers.

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