Based in Queenstown, New Zealand. Phytrac is a cleantech company that supports ecological engineering services through a dynamic data-driven platform. We are the intersection where science, technology, and nature meet. We enable eco-friendly and cost-effective approach for managing environmental pollution.

Phytrac operates New Zealand’s first phytotechnology-focused R&D centre. We utilise a combination of technologies gathering data, providing insight to create tailored solutions for the identified contaminants. Analysis of high-resolution data enables us to develop carefully calculated and detailed action plans to sustainably restore, regenerate, reclaim & maintain contaminated soil assets.

We are made up of a team of experts, using our collective genius to help businesses sustainably solve their current environmental issues.

An evolving climate

Soil underpins & builds healthy ecosystems, however, there is an extensive amount of unsustainable waste. Currently, there is a lack in knowledge and viable solutions to deal with large tracts of contaminated and degraded land.


The methods of identifying & quantifying contaminated soil have improved but are underutilised, many technologies are now available but most common approach is still relying solely on multiple manual samples to determine the level of contamination.

However, at Phytrac, we are dedicated to revolutionising remediation through high-resolution data to understand & alleviate environmental, societal, political & financial pressures.



Based on requirements, future land use and objectives – we provide in-situ treatment plans to help regenerate contaminated soil



After identifying the contaminants present, we develop the right combination of plant species for your climate to help achieve your objective.



Continuous monitoring & time lapsed surveys enable effective decision making that leads to optimal restoration. This insight allows acceleration of nature’s mechanisms and repair.



Phytotechnology is a multidisciplinary field that uses purposeful plant systems to solve scientific and engineering problems.