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On-site circular systems

We use innovative bio-circular landscaping solutions to transform polluted sites into productive land and reinstate eco-systems that can again sustainably support life.

Cost-effective at every scale

Phytotechnology performs at scale where conventional methods are not viable, actively increasing your natural capital while minimising cost of waste disposal associated with conventional remediation.

Data-driven decision making

Our platform processes collected data formulating action plans & supporting continuous monitoring provides ongoing insights into your system’s performance, enabling informed & effective decision making.

Tailored solutions

Each site presents unique challenges, high-resolution data enables the insight to build specific solutions. Based on your requirements, we deliver action plans & provide active monitoring throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Revolutionising land treatment

The method of identifying & managing contaminated soil has improved but still lacks in efficiency and negatively affects ecosystems.


Phytrac is pioneering the next phase with its dynamic & high-resolution data-driven platform, our mission is the global implementation of sustainable pollution management & monitoring systems.


Data enables greater understanding of contamination, our platform provides detailed insight, producing consistent & sustainable solutions that enable effective decision making.


Partner with us

We provide solutions when conventional methods are not viable or a sustainable solution is desired.

Phytrac create optimised solutions with high-resolution data to mitigate environmental pollution and migrate from the current wasteful linear model.

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